Supporting a diverse engineering community

23 April 2020

EEMUA is proud to have become a Not for Profit Partner of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES).

EEMUA’s mission is to attract engineers from a wide variety of industries across the world to share experiences, learn and solve problems. To show them they can rely on EEMUA to help improve their safety, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and bottom line.

WES’s mission is to inspire and support women to achieve their potential as engineers, applied scientists and technical leaders. To work collaboratively to assist educators, employers and influencers in creating a diverse engineering community.

By partnering with WES, EEMUA aims to engage with more women engineers working within our member companies, getting them actively involved in leading the direction of EEMUA, in ensuring the safe operation of industrial facilities worldwide through developing the guidance and training for which EEMUA is renowned, and in taking opportunities to bring their expertise and experience to the attention of engineering audiences across the world through our online and face-to-face activities.