Trade media award for EEMUA

15 May 2022

EEMUA is pleased to have received the Industrial Process News “Industrial Training Company of the Year Award” in recognition of the pivotal role EEMUA has in helping improve the safety, environmental and operating performance of businesses’ industrial facilities.

The EEMUA Executive Team accepted the award, but the recognition is shared with the EEMUA membership. It is only by their contributions of knowhow and experience that EEMUA continues to offer and develop classroom-based training courses, live online learning, blended learning and e-learning that play a key role in developing and testing the knowledge, understanding and competency of workers.

You can find out more on EEMUA’s full training and competency offering here.

You can read more on why EEMUA was selected to receive the award in the article “EEMUA: Helping you improve safety, efficiency and compliance” as it appears on page 23 of the May issue of the IPN magazine.