The CompEx Scheme provides candidates with essential knowledge and practical skills to enable safe working in potentially explosive atmospheres, whether due to flammable gas, combustible dust or other hazards.

The CompEx Scheme consists of training and assessment units, which can be studied individually or in pairs. Candidates are required to demonstrate competence through a series of practical and written multi-choice tests.

Successful candidates receive a CompEx certificate of core competence. There are many licensed CompEx centres around the world. Details of these centres as well as latest CompEx Toolbox Guide are on the dedicated CompEx website. Below is an introduction to the CompEx Scheme from Martin Jones of CompEx Certification Limited (previously JT Limited). 

Key recommendations from Lord Cullen's inquiry into the Piper Alpha disaster led to the creation of the CompEx Scheme. On the 30th anniversary of Piper Alpha, Martin Jones, CompEx Operations Manger, reviewed how CompEx has expanded to help industry meet its broadening requirements for the assessment of core competency.

Here are Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 to EEMUA Publication 186 Edition 7. 

Here is Amendment 1 to EEMUA Publication 214 Edition 7, Imprint 9/2016. 

EEMUA's concerns with the latest edition of IEC 60079-14 are documented here.

Ex e-learning at the awareness level

EEMUA recommends IntroEx, a free to use knowledge and awareness tool from CompEx Certification Limited, the CompEx Certification Body. It provides users with an overview of some of the basic principles of explosive atmospheres and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The CompEx Scheme is owned and operated, in association with EEMUA, by:

CompEx Certification Limited
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