This e-learning is positioned at the awareness/introductory level and is an optional precursor to working through EEMUA 231 - The mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances: a guide to periodic examination and testing. The content is also relevant to users who draw on other EEMUA publications such as: EEMUA 232 – Specifying, procuring and managing third party inspection services; EEMUA 159 Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair; and EEMUA 183 - Prevention of tank bottom leakage. On completion of the desktop version, immediate certification is provided for the registered user that launched or purchased the course. 

The content of this course has been approved for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), a Professional Engineering Institution licensed by the Engineering Council in the UK. Completing this e-learning module, including the test at the end, is equivalent to 60 minutes of CPD.

The course covers:

  • Plant lifecycle.

  • Legislative aspects.    

  • Meeting legislative requirements.

  • Examination Policy.    

  • Asset condition.    

  • Business continuity.    

  • Determining the Examination Policy.    

  • Types of examination.    

  • Process conditions.    

  • Ageing of equipment.    

  • Inspection purposes.    

  • Organisational arrangements.    

  • Who is responsible for the examination?    

  • Inspection process roles.    

  • Organising the examination.    

  • Written Scheme of Examination.

  • Asset Register.

  • WSE contents.

  • Examination interval.    

  • Updating the WSE.    

  • Long term planning.    

  • Inspecting and reporting.    

  • Regular visual checks.    

  • In-service examination.    

  • Thorough examination.    

  • Unexpected damage.    

  • Postponement of an examination - PSSR and non-PSSR equipment.

  • Reporting.    

  • Integrity assessment.   

  • Integrity purposes.    

  • Detail and complexity.    

  • Repairs.        

  • Applying lessons learned.    

  • Exceeding limits.    

  • Records.    

  • Examination records.    

  • Supporting documents.

Any organisation that has hazardous installations, together with interested stakeholders who use such plant, including operators, inspection bodies (including 'Competent Persons') and providers of specialist services to the process industries, should find this e-learning course of interest. Activities covered include: existing good practice for periodic examination and testing of the mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances, including preparation of a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE); decision making on the type and frequency of inspections; making organisational arrangements for successful inspections; responding to inspection findings; record keeping and planning for continuous improvement.

People with the following job titles should find this e-learning course of relevance: Inspection Manager; Integrity Officer; Integrity Engineer; Design Engineer; Project Engineer; Site Maintenance Engineer and Operator; Engineering Manager; Engineer; Operations Manager; Asset Manager; Health and Safety Engineer; Inspector; Site Supervisor; Site Manager.

Either completing (but not passing) or passing this e-learning course has no bearing on entry into the EEMUA 231 Mechanical Integrity Basics blended online training course, but you may choose to take this as a natural progression and is recommended. See the EEMUA Calendar for more details and the next available course.

This 60-minute e-learning course is best viewed on a desktop computer that uses the latest version of one of the main web browsers and has a reliable broadband internet connection. A mobile app version for EEMUA Corporate Members, which provides both online and offline options for taking the course, is available for Android and iOS devices. Access details are provided by email on registration for the course.

Note: If you need to save or print your e-learning certificate, please remember to do this whilst you are in the course after the test.  

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