Over 32,000 Certificates of Core Competency now issued!

EEMUA CompEx®, the world's pre-eminent scheme for certifying competency of personnel for IEC 'Ex' hazardous area working, has passed a new milestone in recent weeks with more than thirty-two thousand (32,000) CompEx Certificates of Core Competency now issued since the scheme's inception.

This latest achievement underlines the position of CompEx as by far the world's most important international 'Ex' personnel certification scheme recognising core competency for safe working in potentially hazardous flammable or explosive atmospheres.

Since it was introduced in the 1990s, CompEx has grown strongly every year due to the unique characteristics of the scheme:

• Formally accredited
CompEx is operated by a Certification Body formally accredited by UKAS, one of the world's leading accreditation bodies

• Based on EU ATEX Directives
The CompEx scheme is based on established national and regional legislation and regulation such as the EU-ATEX Directives

• Based on IEC 'Ex' Standards
CompEx is based on international IEC 'Ex' and ISO Standards. Furthermore, the 'user' organisations behind CompEx contribute to the maintenance and development of these Standards

• Guaranteed to be most effective
CompEx is most effective because it combines formal learning and knowledge examination with practical assessment to determine overall core competency. The effectiveness of CompEx is also assured by being owned and overseen by user companies who have a vested interest in ensuring safety in the workplace

• Excellent value
CompEx is able to offer excellent value because it is operated by not-for-profit bodies with a mission to ensure and to improve safety in the workplace

• Unrivalled breadth and depth
The 12 modules of competency validation that are defined within CompEx produce an IEC 'Ex' scheme of unrivalled breadth and depth, allowing certification for a wide range of personnel and situations:
- Electrical, mechanical and multi-skilled craftspeople
- Professional engineers responsible for the design and installation of applications and systems for hazardous 'Ex' areas
- Managers who oversee the operation of these installations
- Specially tailored modules for specific sectors: fuel filling stations; the water and wastewater industries; flour mills, coal and other dusty environments besides the oil and gas industry, offshore and onshore, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and many more

• International and multi-lingual delivery
CompEx is now delivered via a growing number of licensed Competency Validation centres around the world: from Africa and the Middle-East, to America, Asia, Australasia and Europe Currently delivered in English and Dutch; other languages planned.