EEMUA is a partner of the 'Ageing plant: minimising hazards through better detection techniques' seminar being held in London today. It will showcase the various types of inspection and detection techniques that can reduce operating costs, minimise hazards and ensure compliance with the latest guidance.

EEMUA chief executive Stefan Kukula is one of the expert speakers. He will address the technical selection of NDT techniques when evaluating the mechanical integrity of industrial plant, including why advances in NDT techniques have not necessarily been reflected in applicable real world trials, the use of these techniques in situations where validations are yet to be completed, and a look at references and a methodology for establishing a technical justification for specific applications.

EEMUA Industry Information Sheet 1 - 'Technical selection of NDE techniques when evaluating the mechanical integrity of industrial plant' - provides information that may be considered helpful in evaluating the selection of NDE techniques for specific applications to assess the FFS of industrial assets and lists some relevant (non-exhaustive) source material which may provide further information in this area.