The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users’ Association - more commonly known as EEMUA - is a European non-profit membership organisation. It represents companies (membership is corporate not personal) that own or operate industrial facilities - the users of engineering equipment and materials. Member companies manage process and power plants, utilities, offshore platforms, storage terminals and other industrial facilities in UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

EEMUA was founded in 1949, originally as the Engineering Equipment Users Association, and was re-named in 1983 as a result of taking over the materials association OCMA. The aims of EEMUA are to improve the safety, environmental and operating performance of industrial facilities in the most cost-effective way - demonstrating and pursuing leadership in asset management. This is achieved through the collaborative efforts of members who share experiences and expertise on non-competitive technical matters to continuously improve operational and industrial asset management practice.

Members meet through technical committees to share information on matters such as instrumentation and control systems, project groups which focus on specific areas such as alarm management and forums which run across disciplines such as asset integrity management, or specific task groups formed in response to incidents such as the Buncefield explosion. The collaboration enables EEMUA to develop industry guides and other publications to promote good and best practices. Recognised internationally for their technical quality, these guides are sought out and used in a variety of engineering sectors and are themselves often adopted as industry standards. Training and competency schemes are also developed through such collaboration. CompEx, EEMUA’s national scheme to recognise core competency for safe working in hazardous areas, has trained over 18,000 electrical technicians.

The collective voice of EEMUA brings members’ views directly into over 60 worldwide, regional and national engineering-related standards committees including ISO, IEC, CEN and BSI. EEMUA maintains close links with regulatory bodies such as the GB Health & Safety Executive and the EC Directorate for Enterprise and Industry.

EEMUA also acts as secretariat for ECUI, the European Committee of User Inspectorates, which was conceived as a result of an EEMUA initiative. ECUI promotes the recognition, status and formal responsibilities and accountabilities of user inspectorates, as well as technical inspection organisations that reside within industrial engineering user companies. ECUI is one of the many International and European organisations that EEMUA collaborates with, to bring the members’ voice into the international arena. These include government agencies, accreditation and certification bodies, professional institutions, trade associations, regulatory and standards committees.

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