There is a need to control noise within and around industrial installations for a variety of reasons, including meeting health and safety work area noise limits and environmental noise criteria for community noise. EEMUA has updated its suite of guidance documents aimed at this aspect of industrial asset management.

EEMUA Publication 140, Noise procedure Specification, defines the latest procedures for controlling noise in plant and equipment in accordance with international standards. It indicates the method of specifying maximum acceptable noise levels, describes acceptable methods of test for determining noise emission from equipment and gives a guide to methods of calculation and presentation of data. Edition Three has been updated to include reference to the sound intensity method of measuring noise from equipment, and references to relevant standards and regulations – available as an addendum.

EEMUA Publication 141 is a guide to facilitate the use of EEMUA Publication 140. The updated Third Edition is based on the experience of a number of companies, and the material included should prove helpful in any case where noise limits have to be set.

EEMUA Publication 161 is a guide to the selection of silencers which are appropriate for use with various noise sources. It is aimed at the practising engineer with a limited knowledge of acoustics, to assist in the specification of the most suitable silencer for a particular purpose and to assess its operation when it is installed. The updated Second Edition includes references to relevant standards and regulations.

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