Oikos Storage has joined EEMUA as a Corporate Member.

Oikos Storage operates the bulk liquid storage facility at Canvey Island, Essex, on the River Thames estuary, which is recognised as a significant marine fed bulk liquid import and storage facility for the UK, with a total tank capacity of 300,000 cubic metres. It is the only independent facility on the Thames connected to the UK fuel distribution pipeline networks (UKOP and Exolum) and has beneficial marine logistics with its deepwater berth being able to receive 120,000 tonne DWT vessels.  

EEMUA and Oikos Storage have well aligned objectives in terms of safety, the environment and operating performance and the sharing of good practice across different industries and global regions afforded by engagement in EEMUA will help support Oikos in the safe and efficient operation of its industrial assets.

Details on the benefits of joining EEMUA as a Corporate Member can be found here.