EEMUA has published the third edition of EEMUA 201 – Control Rooms: A guide to their specification, design, commissioning, and operation.

This new edition was produced in response to changes in technology and practice across industry. As well as updating the existing content the publication has been developed so that it provides a more complete guide for the designing of control rooms to include the control building, physical aspects of the control room, working environment, console design and control system graphics. It also covers emerging issues including devices used outside of the control room and security, and provides a stronger focus on human factors.

EEMUA 201 identifies the main issues that influence the effectiveness of a control room in its role of supporting the operation of a wider system. It is for use by engineers and managers in both user and contracting organisations. The objective is not only to make plants more operable, efficient and able to avoid abnormal situations, but to be able to better manage such situations should they occur.

EEMUA 201 is not a standard and is not intended to replace any. Designers will be expected to identify and adhere to any standards and regulations and any company and project specifications. The intention is that EEMUA 201 will provide guidance on how this can be achieved in the most effective way.

EEMUA 201 (Edition 3) is available to purchase through the online Shop.