EEMUA has welcomed Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Ltd (Veolia) into membership.

The company specialises in the management, treatment and disposal of waste. This includes the recycling, reclamation and re-use of waste products, such as in energy generation. The company manages solid and liquid waste, encompassing hazardous waste materials. 

By joining EEMUA Veolia says it wants to embed good practice guidance into its waste operations, be an intelligent customer, influence change in standards and leverage competency of its engineers. EEMUA looks forward to working with Veolia in achieving these aims, helping support the safe and efficient operation of the company’s industrial assets.

EEMUA Corporate Membership is open to companies that own and/or operate industrial facilities or that are significant purchasers or users of engineering equipment and materials. Further details on the benefits of joining EEMUA can be found here.