EEMUA 225 provides practical, pragmatic guidance to owners and operators on all stages of the lifecycle of above ground plastic tanks. The publication fills a major gap in industry knowledge by detailing good practice in the management of these tanks which are too often viewed as 'fit and forget' items compared to steel tanks. Taking into account the specific conditions of tank usage, EEMUA 225 can help to reduce the risk of failure in service and enable the extension of service life where appropriate.

The gudance is aimed mainly at cylindrical plastic tanks being operated at atmospheric pressure or at pressures above the liquid head up to 0.5 barg. It is not therefore intended for tanks which would be classed as pressure vessels under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), although some of its content may still be relevant and useful to users operating plastic pressure vessels in what are usually quite specific applications.

Some key aspects of EEMUA 225 are the basis of EEMUA's Plastic Tanks e-learning.

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