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EEMUA 245 provides practical advice on how legal compliance should be demonstrated where on-site manufacture and assembly of pressure equipment are undertaken under the direct control of the intended user of the equipment. It has been created to help a range of stakeholders (including designers, purchasers, installation contractors and users) understand the roles and activities when assembling pressure equipment on site. The guidance primarily relates to pressure systems containing a relevant fluid as defined under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR).

The need for EEMUA 245 has arisen after many years of questions and interpretations of Regulations and is perhaps more important as the UK evolves in its relationship with other trading partners. The publication has been developed by the Pressure Equipment Consultation Forum (PECF), Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) and EEMUA in consultation with Lloyd’s Register and other stakeholders within the pressure equipment industry. It has been prepared using technical advice from the GB Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

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