EEMUA provides a range of information sheets to member company users via the Knowledge Centre. These are listed below by topic area. Please note that member company users will need to log-in first to be able to download them.


  • A users' guide to DSEAR
  • EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - Briefing Paper
  • Summary of EEMUA publications in UK regulatory authority written guidance

Automation, Control and Electrical 

  • Cyber Security Assessment Process for Industrial control Systems
  • Test probes and high voltage switchgear

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

  • Improving quality assurance of industrial fastener materials in critical applications
  • Surface finish of pipe flange contact faces

Equipment Operation and Maintenance

  • Application guidelines for integral block and bleed valve manifolds for direct connection to pipework 
  • A short guide to the P.E.D. 
  • Easy bolting procedure (Revision 1: A guidance procedure for the removal and replacement of flanged joint bolting on live piping and equipment) 
  • Factors affecting the use of metric bolting in lieu of inch bolting in class-designated pipe flanges 
  • Fugitive emissions from piping systems and other equipment 
  • Guidance on Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies in respect to packaged rotating equipment
  • Improving the integrity of small-bore pipe fittings
  • Listing of valve standards applicable to process and related industries
  • Managing legacy systems: Pressure relieving safety systems
  • Policy guidance relating to the determination of metallic pipe wall retirement thicknesses
  • Summary of applicable standards and guidance documents for assessing pipeline defects
  • Temporary repairs and permanent piping systems using elastic strain pre-load joints
  • Test requirements in valve standards
  • The importance of isolation management around relief systems

Inspection and Integrity Management

  • Technical selection of NDE techniques when evaluating the mechanical integrity of industrial plant
  • NDT screening methods for in-service Inspection