Reasons for reporting and sharing information about incidents

EEMUA member companies keep track of a wide range of ‘incidents’ that occur during the specification, design, procurement, use and decommissioning of engineering plant and equipment. These incidents may result in no more than minor unexpected variations in plant and equipment behaviour. More serious incidents might typically result in equipment failure and/or unplanned downtime. Occasionally, incidents might occur which have the potential to cause damage or harm people, or actually do cause damage or harm.

The aim behind the tracking and sharing of information about incidents is to allow members to learn from these events, also to minimise the chance of a similar incident recurring and to minimise the rare possibility of a combination of incidents causing a major accident.

How information is shared

Members share their knowledge about incidents in a variety of ways - through discussion at EEMUA technical meetings, through Safety Alerts, Information Sheets and other news items prepared and published by the EEMUA Executive office, also by circulating news and safety alerts published by other organisations and individuals. Some of the EEMUA technical committees maintain their incident data on a searchable database, in the members’ area of the EEMUA website, for easy reference.

Reporting an incident

Members and non-members alike are urged to report incident information. Reports to EEMUA will normally be treated confidentially (recognising, of course, that there may be a legal obligation to report certain types of incident to authorities).

E-mail your incident report free-format to Alternatively, call the EEMUA Executive on +44 (0)20 7621 0011 for an initial phone discussion, or use the EEMUA Incident Report form below. 

Report an incident