Stuart Turner Award 2022

Background information

In recognition of Stuart Turner, who passed away in May 2021, EEMUA announced a new award to honour his memory.

Stuart was passionate about the potential for EEMUA to benefit industry, and always willing to roll up his sleeves to help that potential be realised. Whatever he was doing, he brought that passion into the association, and played a huge part in its success. Whether as a member of the Storage Tanks Committee, Chair of a Working Group on guidance for pressure testing, as a Board Member, or any of the roles he carried out.

The aim of the Stuart Turner Award is simple; to recognise an employee of a Member organisation who has made a significant contribution to EEMUA. EEMUA believes the award is both a fitting tribute for Stuart, and a recognition of our wonderful volunteers.

Nomination rules

Anyone who has participated in EEMUA meetings over the past year is eligible. Those nominated must be employees of an EEMUA Member and have been active in EEMUA as a volunteer over the past year.

To nominate an individual who meets the eligibility criteria, please complete the nominations questionnaire

Contact for further details. 

The deadline for nominations is: 9th September 2022

Previous winners

Stuart Turner Award 2021 winner

The 2021 winner was:

  • Andrew Walker, Principal Engineer - SABIC UK Petrochemicals 

Andrew impressed the Awards Committee with his invaluable contribution to many different areas of EEMUA, including input to guidance documents, information sheets and e-learning, and participation in EEMUA conferences, and especially, his longstanding commitment to participating in and chairing the Rotating Machinery (MAC) Committee for nearly a decade.

On winning Andrew said: “I am surprised and delighted to receive the 2021 Stuart Turner Award. I have worked with EEMUA over many years and value the opportunity it gives to network with excellent people working in similar industries. Working together we can make our workplaces both safer and healthier places to be.”

Simon Mann, Technical Lead, SABIC, commented: “Stuart was committed to EEMUA and the industry, so this award is a poignant reminder of the positive impact he made and his enduring legacy. I am very pleased for Andrew that his own long-standing contribution to the many different areas of EEMUA has been recognised. SABIC and EEMUA have both benefited greatly from Andrew’s dedication to collaborating with others to share expertise and create guidance.”

Helen Turner, Stuart’s widow, added: “I was very proud when EEMUA approached me regarding the Award, it is such a lovely tribute in recognition of the contribution Stuart made; he was truly passionate about the work EEMUA does and how he could personally make it better. The beauty of this award is that it will recognise many others for their efforts too, and I would like to congratulate Andrew on being the worthy winner of the first Stuart Turner Award.”

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