EEMUA Seminar: Plastic Tanks - Farewell to 'fit and forget'


Teesside, UK




This event will address the inspection and maintenance of plastic storage tanks.


Plastic tanks used in industrial heavy engineering applications have typically been regarded as “fit and forget” items, with lifetimes based purely on manufacturer’s recommendations. This often does not take into account the specific conditions of tank usage, leading both to tank failure in service, and the unnecessary scrapping of serviceable tanks.

EEMUA Publication 159 – “Users’ Guide to the Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Above Ground Vertical Cylindrical Steel Storage Tanks” has become the de facto standard for owners and operators of such equipment worldwide, but there is no comparable guidance for users of plastic tanks. The upcoming EEMUA Publication 225 which will address the inspection and maintenance of plastic storage tanks, giving practical, pragmatic guidance for owners and operators of plastic tanks which will help reduce the risk of failure in service and enable the extension of service life where appropriate. This will also improve the image of plastic tanks, too often thought of as the “low cost, low quality” option, when the true issue has been the quality of the in service care, rather than the quality of the equipment.

This seminar will preview some of the approaches taken in EEMUA 225, and give an overview of the thinking of the Work Group in producing the publication. The Work Group has comprised experts from the user community, manufacturers and wider industry, brought together and supported by EEMUA.

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Who should attend:

Those responsible for specifying, maintaining, and operating plastic tanks.


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£ 95 - Higher education


09:00 - 16:00Programme to follow