The following staff make up the EEMUA Executive:

London, UK

  • Chief Executive: Stefan Kukula
  • Finance Director: Nazir Haji
  • Operations Director: John Lilley
  • Head of Information Services: Jo Townsend
  • Head of Training and Events: Chantelle Jones
  • Online Systems Manager: Kat Wruck
  • Technical Executive (ELC, INC, OLA, CSF): Edward Kessler
  • Technical Executive (STC, UIC, INT): Kena Jolley
  • Technical Executive (MAC, MTC, PSC-PRV, PRS, SCE): Reece Riley
  • Training and Events Coordinator: Ashley Males
  • Office Manager: Samantha Masson

Manchester, UK

  • Head of Membership: Deovonne Ferreira

EEMUA executive staff