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Why become a member

EEMUA is a diverse and interactive organisation and our members can draw on the experiences and practices of engineering equipment users from other organisations, operating sites and countries — from a range of industry sectors. Our members also own or operate many of the UK upper-tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) and/or SEVESO establishments.

Membership benefits include the value of the shared user community that EEMUA facilitates and the benefits that non-competitive collaboration brings. These benefits range from:

  • enhanced asset management;
  • networking and benchmarking opportunities;
  • applying good practice;
  • optimal design, operation and maintenance of plant;
  • access to a large number of relevant publications, events, e-learning and classroom training;
  • a common voice on regulation and standards development;
  • professional development; improved competency and industry awareness.

“Being able to take part in technical committees and to contribute to, and benefit from, the EEMUA work streams is now a vital part of our technical support programme. EEMUA offers a depth of experience which we can connect into; EEMUA publications are used widely at the refinery as authoritative guidance on many topics." - BP

Download the EEMUA Membership Brochure here.

Find out more about the benefits of membership from the video below:

Interested in joining EEMUA as a Corporate Member?
Why not arrange a meeting with us? This will be an opportunity for us to present EEMUA’s activities, gain a better understanding of your company’s current business issues in the operational and engineering arena, and to help you relate those issues to the experiences that we’re aware of from other companies.

Multi-national and global companies can choose to only cover specific countries/regions, e.g. UK, Netherlands or European offices. Construction companies and those that manufacture engineering equipment will not be eligible.

For further details on the benefits of membership or to arrange a meeting contact Deovonne Ferreira, Head of Membership on

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