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Membership benefits include the value of the shared user community that EEMUA facilitates and the benefits that non-competitive collaboration brings. These benefits range from: enhanced asset management; applying good and best practice; optimal design, operation and maintenance of plant; access to a large number of relevant publications, events, and training; a common voice on regulation and standards development; professional development and industry awareness.

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EEMUA is a diverse and interactive organisation; members can draw on the experiences and practices of engineering equipment users from other organisations, operating sites and countries — from a range of industry sectors. 

“The scope of EEMUA closely matches the breadth of our operations so we are delighted to take this opportunity not only to learn from others but to help shape guidance with our own experience” - Calor Gas

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To arrange an initial meeting, please call Deovonne Ferreira on +44 020 488 0801, or email

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