EEMUA welcomes Sellafield Ltd into membership

14 December 2020

EEMUA is pleased to announce that Sellafield Ltd has joined EEMUA as its newest Corporate Member.

The company is responsible for the safe and secure operation of the Sellafield nuclear site located in north-west England, incorporating the challenge of cleaning-up the legacy of the site’s early operations, including some of the most hazardous nuclear facilities in Europe. Keeping Sellafield safe and secure is the company’s priority.

Rick Edwards, Mechanical Maintenance Authority at Sellafield Ltd, commented, “Becoming a member of EEMUA gives us the opportunity to benchmark ourselves against other industries, to learn from industry best practice and to share our own experiences with the wider community. EEMUA provides an excellent source of guidance, best practice and information on a range of technical subjects not necessarily covered in the design codes, that will allow us to continually improve and develop the level of knowledge of our own engineers, maintainers and operators”.

EEMUA looks forward to engagement with engineers and other employees located at the site to help improve their safety, efficiency, regulatory compliance and bottom line.

EEMUA Corporate Membership is open to companies that own and/or operate industrial facilities or that are significant purchasers or users of engineering equipment and materials.