Managing ignition risk by inspection of Ex electrical equipment in hazardous areas

27 April 2022

EEMUA 246, Guidelines for managing ignition risk by inspection of Ex electrical equipment in hazardous areas (including support of IEC 60079-17), provides guidance on managing the ignition risks of Ex electrical equipment located in hazardous areas arising from flammable vapours and gases.

The guidelines promote adoption of risk-based inspection (RBI) principles to inspection of Ex electrical equipment. This should result in high risk Ex electrical equipment being inspected to a more rigorous level of inspection (e.g. frequency of inspection) than lower risk items and set out an approach for establishing an RBI strategy which should be targeted, balanced and effective.

The latest edition (Edition 2) of the guidelines is jointly published by EEMUA and the Energy Institute.

EEMUA 246 is available as printed and digital/PDF editions through the EEMUA online Shop.

Automation, Control and Electrical (ACE) are well established considerations for owners and users of industrial assets. From plant start up to shut down, ACE systems are found in virtually every operational process. Organisations are increasingly reliant on them, bringing the importance of their maintenance and reliability into sharp focus. EEMUA 246 adds to the list of guidance (and associated learning) EEMUA has developed in this area, including: EEMUA 227 (Management of ageing electrical assets); EEMUA 201 (Control rooms: a guide to their specification, design, commissioning and operation); EEMUA 191 (Alarm systems - a guide to design, management and procurement); EEMUA 186 (Practitioner's Handbook for potentially explosive atmospheres); and EEMUA 242 (Proof testing good practice for instrumented protective systems).

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