New proof testing good practice for Instrumented Protective Systems

09 June 2020

EEMUA 242 (Edition 1), ‘Proof testing good practice for Instrumented Protective Systems’, outlines good practice in carrying out proof testing of Instrumented Protective Systems (IPS) and writing proof testing procedures.

The new publication provides an overview of the high-level requirements for proof testing, including the intent behind the tests. Detailed guidance covers the testing of particular instrument types and how to document a proof test in a standard proof test routine template.

EEMUA 242 is intended for site engineers working with system designers on new IPS but is also helpful for legacy IPS where documentation of the design is incomplete.

The emphasis is on the practical aspects of proof testing, given that every process plant has its own specific requirements and that the ideal of out of service end-to-end testing may rarely be achievable because of operating constraints.

EEMUA 242 covers an area which is outside the scope of most standards, and for many users would be a very steep learning curve without guidance. Experience based and extensively reviewed by industry practitioners, it is practical guidance offering insight into some of the problems which have to be dealt with when testing real process plant equipment.

EEMUA 242 (Edition 1) is available to buy from the online Shop.

Digital editions are free to employees of EEMUA Member companies and available at a reduced price for EEMUA Associate companies.