Pannonia Bio joins EEMUA

15 May 2020

EEMUA is pleased to announce that Pannonia Bio Zrt has become the latest company to join the Association as a Corporate Member.

Pannonia Bio operates a biorefinery in Tolna County, Hungary, which uses state-of-the-art production processes. From its beginnings as a bioethanol producer in 2012, the refinery has expanded and developed into a multiproduct facility.

Group Chairman and Chief Executive, Mark Turley, noted: “As a company wholly committed to safety and operating a number of complex chemical and biological processes, Pannonia Bio decided to join EEMUA to fully avail of the knowledge base, training and safety standards of the association. Building on our commitment to the environment, we particularly look forward to the latest developments on sustainability and renewable energy standards and EEMUA’s guidance on process safety, alarm management and operation of storage tanks”.

EEMUA's chief executive Stefan Kukula commented: “Pannonia Bio’s membership strengthens EEMUA’s representation in the biotechnology and renewables sector and I’m confident their involvement in EEMUA will generate mutual benefits on both sides in ensuring the safer and longer operations of industrial assets”. 

Pannonia Bio is a subsidiary of ClonBio Group Limited (ClonBio), an Irish agribusiness headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

EEMUA Corporate Membership is open to companies that own and/or operate industrial facilities or that are significant purchasers or users of engineering equipment and materials.

Further details on the benefits of joining EEMUA as a Corporate Member can be found here