Wide range of issues addressed at EEMUA storage tanks seminar

02 December 2016

A varied programme from our annual tanks storage seminar held in Antwerp on 1 December 2016 saw presenters address issues as wide-ranging as the Boston molasses disaster, buried World War II aviation fuel tanks, and why flexible people are much sought after as tank inspectors. Topics included riveted tanks, double skinned tanks, buried tanks, tanks on stilts and horizontal tanks. All areas where guidance is sparse, but issues common. The discussion was lively, and contributions from the floor added to the useful information from the day. The accessible venue assured wide attendance from across Europe. Plans are already underway for next year’s seminar; watch out for further announcements.

The free infographic “Storage” illustrates the key technical benefits that EEMUA offers any industry sector which relies on large tanks for the storage of consumables and products. It is available in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish language versions. Links are provided from the pdf to detailed information on the EEMUA website. It is one in a series of nine infographics covering a range of industry sectors.