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2019, Edition 2

ISBN: 978 0 85931 221 9

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EEMUA Publication 231 - The mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances: a guide to periodic examination and testing 

Version: Print

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EEMUA 231 provides guidance and good practice on safely managing the combined hazards of stored energy and dangerous substances through maintaining the integrity of systems and equipment by periodic examination and testing.

The publication is based on the well-established Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) model in the UK Pressure Systems Safety Regulations and associated Approved Code of Practice. As such, EEMUA 231 underpins the approach that integrity management is a matter for the whole plant life cycle. 

This second edition of EEMUA 231 adds a new section on leadership, a fundamental aspect of managing health and safety effectively, and provides guidance on the relief streams that protect equipment or systems. EEMUA 231 has been given greater clarity by combining the sections on Reporting of examinations and Post examination integrity assessment. There is also a clearer demarcation between the roles of Integrity Assessor and Competent Person.

EEMUA 231 has been developed and written by EEMUA and the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive, together with other interested stakeholders who use such plant, including operators, inspection bodies and providers of specialist services to the process industries. 

The GB Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states in its Foreword to EEMUA 231 that it: 'considers maintenance of the integrity of plant containing hazardous substances to be a fundamental element of good process safety management. To this end, we believe this document provides a sound basis from which to develop arrangements for the management and delivery of periodic examinations aimed at achieving this.'

EEMUA 231 provides the foundation for a one day EEMUA training course on mechanical integrity.

Need a certificated online introduction or refresher on key aspects of EEMUA 231? Then check out EEMUA's Mechanical Integrity e-learning training course.

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