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2021, Edition 1

ISBN: 978 085931 189 2

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EEMUA Publication 227 Management of ageing electrical assets

Version: Digital/PDF

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EEMUA Publication 227 aims to provide a coherent, proactive system for managing certain ageing electrical assets.

Electrical equipment is often designed with a relatively long lifetime (typically 20 years) and the electrical engineer responsible for it has the challenge of ensuring the equipment’s integrity over this period, if not well beyond it. In justifying the continued service of equipment, the engineer has to take commercial (reliability, availability, replacement costs) and safety considerations into account. This is a difficult task, and in addition to general good asset management practice, the electrical engineer requires specific guidance relating to:

• Identifying potential failure mechanisms on ageing electrical assets;
• Methods of detecting early signs of failure mechanisms;
• Ways of calculating remaining expected life of electrical assets;
• Maintenance methods to extend electrical asset life; and
• Demonstrating the benefits of replacing equipment before failures occur.
This publication is focused on six types of electrical equipment that the EEMUA Electrical Committee prioritised as those where additional guidance would be most useful, either due to a lack of other guidance or an increase in incidents related to ageing asset issues. These are: Uninterruptable power supplies and Battery systems; Electrical drives; Electrical protection devices; Power cables; Switchgear (HV and LV); and Transformers. EEMUA 227 also provides general guidance on managing ageing electrical assets.

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