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EEMUA Publication 227 Digital image

2021, Edition 1

ISBN: 978 085931 189 2

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EEMUA Publication 227 Management of ageing electrical assets

Version: Digital/PDF

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A hard copy version is also available.

EEMUA Publication 227 aims to provide a coherent, proactive system for managing certain ageing electrical assets.

Electrical equipment is often designed with a relatively long lifetime (typically 20 years) and the electrical engineer responsible for it has the challenge of ensuring the equipment’s integrity over this period, if not well beyond it. In justifying the continued service of equipment, the engineer has to take commercial (reliability, availability, replacement costs) and safety considerations into account. This is a difficult task, and in addition to general good asset management practice, the electrical engineer requires specific guidance relating to:

• Identifying potential failure mechanisms on ageing electrical assets;
• Methods of detecting early signs of failure mechanisms;
• Ways of calculating remaining expected life of electrical assets;
• Maintenance methods to extend electrical asset life; and
• Demonstrating the benefits of replacing equipment before failures occur.
This publication is focused on six types of electrical equipment that the EEMUA Electrical Committee prioritised as those where additional guidance would be most useful, either due to a lack of other guidance or an increase in incidents related to ageing asset issues. These are: Uninterruptable power supplies and Battery systems; Electrical drives; Electrical protection devices; Power cables; Switchgear (HV and LV); and Transformers. EEMUA 227 also provides general guidance on managing ageing electrical assets.

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EEMUA Publication 188 Digital image

2009, Edition 2

ISBN: 978 0 85931 171 7

EEMUA Publication 188 Guide for establishing operating periods of safety valves

Version: Digital/PDF

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This Guide sets out the issues to be considered in determining and reviewing operating periods for safety valves, including guidance on the periods between consecutive inspections and on setting necessary control procedures. The second edition revises and updates the original 1999 edition. It is a companion volume to EEMUA Publication 184 Guide to the Isolation of Pressure Relieving Devices.

At the awareness / introductory level, you may also be interested in taking the EEMUA 177 Pressure Systems e-learning and EEMUA 231 Mechanical Integrity e-learning training courses.

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EEMUA Publication 190 Digital image

2000, reprinted October 2005 incorporating errata and Amendment November 2004. Further Amendments in 2017. Edition 1

ISBN: 978 0 85931 071 X

EEMUA Publication 190 Guide for the design, construction and use of mounded horizontal cylindrical steel vessels for pressurised storage of LPG at ambient temperatures

Version: Digital/PDF

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This guide addresses the design, materials selection, fabrication, installation, in-service inspection, testing and maintenance of mounded vessels for pressure storage of LPG. Mounded storage is generally safer than other methods of storing LPG, but the vessels, supported as they are on compacted soil foundations, are more liable to be affected by soil settlement than conventionally supported vessels. The guide therefore includes soil investigation and foundation design, in addition to considerations of pressure containment and corrosion protection.

EEMUA also offers introductory e-learning in the area of Storage Tanks in both Dutch and English language versions.

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EEMUA Publication 191 Digital image

2013, Edition 3

ISBN: 978 0 85931 192 2

EEMUA Publication 191 Alarm systems - a guide to design, management and procurement 

Version: Digital/PDF

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A hard copy version is also available.

Alarm systems form an essential part of the operator interfaces to large modern industrial facilities. They provide vital support to the operators by warning them of situations that need their attention and have an important role in preventing, controlling and mitigating the effects of abnormal situations. Since it was first published in 1999, EEMUA 191 has become the globally accepted and leading guide to good practice for all aspects of alarm systems. 

  • Providing clear guidance for both existing and new alarm systems
  • Written by alarm systems experts working on high hazard sites
  • Informed by real-world process safety experiences
  • Acknowledged as good practice by leading regulators
  • Aligned with international standards
  • Contributing to plant safety, efficiency and compliance
  • Globally applicable across a wide range of industry sectors

The publication, developed by users of alarm systems with input from the GB Health and Safety Executive, gives comprehensive guidance on designing, managing and procuring an effective alarm system. It is intended to help in improving existing systems and in developing new facilities during plant construction or during alarm system refurbishments. Both of the international standards for the management of alarm systems for the process industries, ISA 18.2 from the International Society of Automation and IEC 62682: 2015, are aligned with EEMUA 191. The new Third Edition has been comprehensively updated and includes guidance on implementing the alarm management philosophy in practice; applications in geographically distributed processes; and performance metrics and KPIs. 

EEMUA 191 is primarily concerned with alarm systems provided for people operating industrial processes. These include alarm systems in industries such as chemical manufacture, power generation, oil and gas extraction and refining and others. However, much of the guidance is generic and with appropriate interpretation can be applied in other sectors. For example, the guide has been used successfully as a basis for training in the rail and transport sectors, in the nuclear industry, and elsewhere.

Need an online introduction or refresher on key aspects of EEMUA 191? Then check out EEMUA's Alarm Systems e-learning certificated training course.

New to EEMUA 191? Watch this short introductory video and, if you are a registered user, check out the webinar recording on human factors. EEMUA also provides a free checklist for an alarm management philosophy document.

Additionally, EEMUA offers introductory e-learning in the areas of Control Rooms, Cyber Security and Functional Safety.

Not found what you are looking for? Ask EEMUA or have a look at our learning options for mechanical integrity.

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EEMUA Publication 192 Digital image

1998, Edition 1

ISBN: 978 0 85931 086 4

EEMUA Publication 192 Guide for the procurement of valves for low temperature (non cryogenic) service

Version: Digital/PDF

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This publication has been prepared for users and contractors involved in the procurement of process valves for operation in moderately cold conditions, typically 0 C to -50 C, a temperature range typically not adequately covered by existing low temperature standards. The guide covers recommendations for design and functional requirements, materials, marking and testing. Appendices are included covering temperature limits of non metallic materials, proposed type test procedures and test acceptance standards.

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