EEMUA is expanding the group of trainers and exam markers for its suite of EEMUA 159 training courses for those working with industrial scale storage tanks. The range of EEMUA 159 training has broadened considerably over the past few years in terms of the specific competency levels catered for, range of learning formats provided and number of languages supported.

Trainers and markers for EEMUA 159 training courses will be storage tank experts with 10+ years of industrial site experience and teaching delivery in the commercial engineering sector. Both will have a deep understanding of the EEMUA 159 approach, demonstrated by being TankAssessor certified, and be able to show extensive application of EEMUA 159 guidance to storage tanks in Europe, particularly in the UK and Netherlands. Experience of storage tank engineering in North America and the Middle East will also prove useful in these roles.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply in the first instance by sending a CV with covering letter to