EEMUA’s members come together in working groups and committees to share the breadth and depth of their engineering expertise. These cooperative efforts allow EEMUA to develop industry leading guidance and other publications that promote good practice. Engineers around the world recognise the technical quality of EEMUA guides because they are written by industry, for industry in way that can be applied cross-sector. Find out more about EEMUA's contribution to site safety by watching a short film featuring a number of our member companies.

Hear more about EEMUA publications below.

EEMUA publications are developed to fulfil a need for guidance in a particular area of engineering or as a result of changed or new regulatory expectations. EEMUA's publications help to define or clarify what is good practice and provide the foundation for its training and competency courses as well as the new e-learning modules.

Current publications cover: Automation, Control, Electrical; Engineering, Procurement, Construction; Equipment Operation and Maintenance; Inspection and Integrity Management; and Storage and Distribution. Overall, EEMUA has developed more than 200 engineering guides, handbooks, information sheets, regulatory briefings and other publications. These include:

EEMUA Publication 159 Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair. For an overview of the changes in Edition 5, please click here. Detailed presentations from the launch event are here for those who have registered on this website.

EEMUA Publication 186 A Practitioner's Handbook for potentially explosive atmospheres 

EEMUA Publication 191 Alarm systems - a guide to design, management and procurement 

EEMUA's most recent publications are listed here. There is a catalogue of all current EEMUA publications. A limited number of free reports, infographics and webinar recordings (you will need to be logged in to view) are also available.

International standards bodies, such as the ISO and IEC, have frequently used EEMUA’s publications as the basis of formal standards, or adopted them in their entirety as new standards. EEMUA is continually developing guidance in new areas and providing new editions of existing guides. 

EEMUA Members have free access to digital copies of EEMUA publications and are entitled to a 25% discount when they purchase print copies. This discount is also available to those on the Associate Company Scheme when purchasing print/digital copies of EEMUA publications from the online shop.

EEMUA welcomes constructive comments on all its publications. If you have feedback to offer, please use our standard feedback form, which helps us deal with comments efficiently. Our technical committees consider all comments on publications and may incorporate them in future editions.

For reference purposes, EEMUA has made available for download a list of discontinued EEMUA publications. Previous editions of EEMUA publications may be made available to member company users only. Please contact EEMUA with the details of your request.