EEMUA e-learning courses have been produced for eligible company users as a benefit of membership. There are six introductory courses: Alarm Systems; Cyber Security, Functional Safety, Storage Tanks (available in both Dutch and English language versions); and Subsea Materials. The modules are positioned at the awareness level and each is designed to take approximately 30 minutes. More detailed information and guidance can be found in the relevant EEMUA publication or associated classroom training. Either completing (but not passing) or passing these e-learning courses has no bearing on entry into the classroom training courses, but you may choose to take one or more as a natural progression.

The e-learning courses are best taken on a desktop computer with the latest version of the main web browsers. Apps optimised for Android and iOS mobile devices are also available. Access details for the mobile apps are provided by email on registration for an e-learning course.

EEMUA e-learning can form part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Please check with your HR/Learning Department and relevant professional institiution.

Further detail on each course is provided on the links below:


• Storage Tanks e-learning                                         • Subsea Materials e-learning


Opslagtanks e-learning                                            • Alarm Systems e-learning


Cyber Security e-learning                                        • Functional Safety e-learning

Course materials - Terms and Conditions of use

Taking EEMUA e-learning courses constitutes full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

All course text, diagrams, presentation slides, animations, presentations and other materials supplied to attendees prior to, during and after the e-learning is meant for the course attendee’s sole use. Any other use of these e-learning materials or methods, without written permission from EEMUA, is a violation of these Terms and Conditions and may be subject to legal action.

The use of EEMUA e-learning in any form, in an attempt to educate or train persons outside an official EEMUA e-learning environment, is strictly forbidden and may be subject to legal action.

Infringement of copyright is not only illegal, but also reduces the Association's income thereby jeopardising its ability to fund the running of future training whether e-learning or classroom-based courses.

All e-learning course materials are the property of EEMUA. The materials are copyrighted and protected under UK and International copyright laws. Copying any EEMUA e-learning materials without the prior written permission from EEMUA is illegal.


The information provided during EEMUA e-learning is based on the best available information obtained by EEMUA and its subject matter experts at the time of finalising that course version. Because standards, codes and technology are always evolving, EEMUA disclaims all
responsibility for communicating information which comes from any changes that occur subsequent to the course. It is the responsibility of course attendees to maintain their knowledge and experience up to date.

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