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EEMUA Publication 241 image

2019, Edition 1

ISBN: 978 1 78725 049 9

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EEMUA Publication 241 - Guidance on the presence and operation of portable self-energised electrical / electronic devices In potentially explosive atmospheres (gas and dust)

Version: Print

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EEMUA 241 is a practical guide for managing the presence and use of portable self-energised electrical and electronic devices within potentially explosive atmospheres. It provides a structured approach which can be followed by site personnel supervising and managing the presence and use of portable self-energised electrical and electronic devices on a day-to-day basis.

This publication provides guidance in relation to the electrical ignition risks within areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. It therefore includes:

  • vapours and mists – such as petroleum products;
  • gases – such as hydrogen; and 
  • combustible dusts – such as food products and cement.

The guidance only covers electrical ignition risks from self-energised devices (including those powered by extra-low voltage). Therefore, mechanical sources of ignition and devices powered by mains electricity are not covered. However, some of the guidance within this document (such as Section 12) may have some useful guidance which can be applied to the use of equipment powered by mains electricity.

The guidance only covers portable devices, and as such does not cover any fixed equipment within the plant (such as lighting), or isolatable equipment which is fixed to vehicles (such as reversing cameras). It also only considers industrial facilities and does not aim to provide guidance on the use of portable self-energised electrical and electronic devices in public areas such as service stations or transportation on public roads.

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EEMUA Publication 207 image

2009, Edition 1

ISBN: 978 0 85931 152 6

EEMUA Publication 207 Double concrete tanks for liquefied gas – guide to design, construction and operation 

Version: Print

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A digital/PDF version is also available.

This pioneering guide draws together good and best practices for the engineering of double-walled concrete tanks (with or without metal liner) intended for the bulk storage of refrigerated gas liquids. It is unique in bringing together guidance for specifying the design, materials selection, fabrication, installation, testing commissioning and operational requirements of refrigerated and cryogenic storage tanks made from double (pre-stressed) concrete tanks as an alternative for tanks constructed with 7% or 9% Ni steel inner tanks.

Following the guide should reduce the risk of mistakes and poor practice during design, construction and commissioning. The publication should also resolve many of the technical issues encountered during double concrete tank projects, thus reducing the need for ‘technical debate’ and improving project timescales, costs and quality. Similarly, it should provide the engineering contractor with detailed information that will minimise the risk of obtaining varying quotations from tank constructors; it benefits the tank designer by giving them a clear basis for their calculations; and it informs tank construction companies of the quality of testing and examination required for materials, construction methods and tank structure.

EEMUA also offers introductory e-learning in the area of Storage Tanks in both Dutch and English language versions.

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EEMUA Publication 186 image

2016, Edition 7

ISBN: 978 0 85931 212 7

EEMUA Publication 186 A Practitioner's Handbook for potentially explosive atmospheres 

Version: Print

EEMUA 186 offers guidance for safe installation, inspection and maintenance work in potentially explosive atmospheres when the failure to adopt safe working practices could result in the ignition of flammable gases or combustible dusts. It is concerned with ignition caused by electrical and mechanical sources and is based on the requirements of international and European standards, directives and regulations.

This seventh edition has been further updated to align with the latest versions of the relevant standards, in particular the fifth (2013) editions of IEC 60079-14 and 60079-17. EEMUA 186 interprets the relevant parts of the standards, and brings them together in one clear, understandable and easily navigable resource. The chapters on equipment, installation and inspection have been revised extensively, including EEMUA’s recommendations on barrier gland selection. There are separate chapters on: fuel filling stations; hazardous areas in the water and waste water industries and mechanical ignition sources. Application design engineering and the duties of the Responsible Person as defined in IEC standards are also covered.

Potentially explosive atmospheres occur in many industries, not only in onshore and offshore petrochemical processing and refining plants, but also in places such as power stations, liquor distilleries, paint spraying plants, flour mills, woodworking plants and coal handling plants. 

EEMUA Publication 186 is closely associated with the CompEx® training and competency assessment scheme which provides trainees with essential knowledge and practical skills for safe working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Click here for Amendment 1 to EEMUA Publication 186 Edition 7, Imprint 3/2016.

The competency requirements for mechanical work in explosive atmospheres will be covered at the EEMUA Conference 2019. Other sessions will address: guidance on personal, portable, self-energised electronic devices and the assessment and management of arc flash risk.

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EEMUA Publication 231 image

2019, Edition 2

ISBN: 978 0 85931 221 9

EEMUA Publication 231 - The mechanical integrity of plant containing hazardous substances: a guide to periodic examination and testing 

Version: Print

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A digital/PDF version is also available free of charge through the EEMUA e-shop.

EEMUA 231 provides guidance and good practice on safely managing the combined hazards of stored energy and dangerous substances through maintaining the integrity of systems and equipment by periodic examination and testing.

The publication is based on the well-established Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) model in the UK Pressure Systems Safety Regulations and associated Approved Code of Practice. As such, EEMUA 231 underpins the approach that integrity management is a matter for the whole plant life cycle. 

This second edition of EEMUA 231 adds a new section on leadership, a fundamental aspect of managing health and safety effectively, and provides guidance on the relief streams that protect equipment or systems. EEMUA 231 has been given greater clarity by combining the sections on Reporting of examinations and Post examination integrity assessment. There is also a clearer demarcation between the roles of Integrity Assessor and Competent Person.

EEMUA 231 has been developed and written by EEMUA and the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive, together with other interested stakeholders who use such plant, including operators, inspection bodies and providers of specialist services to the process industries. 

The GB Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states in its Foreword to EEMUA 231 that it: 'considers maintenance of the integrity of plant containing hazardous substances to be a fundamental element of good process safety management. To this end, we believe this document provides a sound basis from which to develop arrangements for the management and delivery of periodic examinations aimed at achieving this.'

EEMUA 231 provides the foundation for a one day EEMUA training course on mechanical integrity.

Need a certificated online introduction or refresher on key aspects of EEMUA 231? Then check out EEMUA's Mechanical Integrity e-learning training course.

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EEMUA Poster - Offshore image

2016, Edition 2

ISBN: Not applicable

EEMUA Poster - Offshore 

Version: Digital/PDF

This free poster illustrates the key technical benefits that EEMUA offers those industries based offshore. EEMUA has a rich heritage of guidance for the oil and gas sector but many of EEMUA’s publications are equally applicable to newer technologies emerging in the field. Links are provided from the pdf to detailed information on the EEMUA Portal.

Also available in Dutch, French, German and Spanish language versions. 

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