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EEMUA Publication 168 Digital image

2022, Edition 3

ISBN: 978 0 85931 243 1

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EEMUA Publication 168 Guide to pressure testing of equipment

Version: Digital/PDF

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EEMUA 168 Edition 3 provides guidance on if, when and how pressure testing can be carried out on pressure equipment and systems, based on risk assessment and a safe system of work. Significantly, the new edition introduces a competency framework for pressure testing personnel.

The guidance applies to the lifecycle of pressure equipment and systems, from manufacture, and throughout their operating lifetime. It is applicable to all types of non-transportable industrial pressure equipment and systems, including pressure vessels and pipework. Some alternatives to pressure testing are also considered, and when it may be appropriate to employ them.

The publication is aimed primarily at the operatives, supervisors and leaders managing and carrying out pressure testing at manufacturers’ works, repair shops and industrial sites. The guidance aims to ensure that these organisations are fully aware of the risks and can use competent and qualified staff as well as formulate safe systems of work, to reduce risks to as low as reasonably practicable. 

This publication was revised through a working group of engineers from EEMUA member companies and representatives from industry partners including the IMechE Pressure Systems Group (PSG) and the Pressure Vessels Manufacturers Forum (PVMF). 

An EEMUA e-learning module based on Edition 3 of EEMUA 168 has been produced. Registered website users can access the EEMUA Pressure Testing Lessons Learned Repository

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EEMUA Publication 159 Digital image

2018, 5th Edition, including Amendment 1

ISBN: 978 0 85931 218 9

EEMUA Publication 159 Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair

Version: Digital/PDF

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A hard copy version is also available.

EEMUA Publication 159 is considered to be the most comprehensive users' guide available on above ground vertical cylindrical, steel storage tanks. It is also used worldwide by regulators as an example of what good practice looks like.

EEMUA 159 is intended to assist in the establishment of essential inspection and maintenance requirements in order to minimise in-service problems and extend the useful life of these storage tanks. It offers guidance on tanks built to BS, EN or API standards for the storage of petroleum and chemical feed-stocks and products and refrigerated gases. These standards include BS 2654, API 620 and API 650, DIN 4119-1 and -2, CODRES, G0801 and EN 14015. In addition, since EEMUA 159 contains information on many topics that are not covered in API 653, the EEMUA publication can be considered complementary to the API standard.

This new edition builds on previous work with additional material to reflect the advances in technology, understanding and operational information. Chapters that have been significantly updated include those on corrosion of tanks, general inspection techniques and interpretation of inspection data, fixed roofs, floating roofs, hydrotesting and probabilistic preventive maintenance (PPM). There are also completely new chapters on mothballing, turn-around procedures, aluminium domes and operation at elevated temperatures. Significantly, a new climate code has been added for Arctic conditions. There is also more focus on innovations and new inspection techniques.

The PPM methodology provides what is believed to be the world's only combined theory of risk based inspection (RBI) and reliability centred maintenance (RCM). The different and non-harmonised methodologies of RBI and RCM, since their initiations throughout various aspects of industry (not only storage tanks), have never been combined in the way proposed and implemented in EEMUA 159. The process is time-based, condition-based and reactive. 

The publication sets out key features for planning and executing inspection, maintenance and repair works. It includes descriptions of the key tank components that require inspection and maintenance, degradation mechanisms and common inspection techniques, and details on tank lifting. 

Comprehensive guidance is given on many key design features, on common problems experienced during operation and on repair methods. There are numerous new sections, such as on snow loading, planar tilt and overplating. Appendices offer guidance on how to perform assessment calculations on tank components, illustrated by means of sample calculations, as well as on repair methods.

Click here for Amendment 1 to EEMUA Publication 159 Edition 5 (included in Imprint 08/2018).

Need an online introduction or refresher on key aspects of EEMUA 159? Then check out EEMUA's certificated e-learning training courses in Dutch and English.

EEMUA Publication 231 can be used in conjunction with EEMUA 159 to develop the scope of inspection for storage tanks.

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Opslagtanks e-learning image

EEMUA 159 Opslagtanks e-learning

E-learning course

Het geeft een inleiding op EEMUA Publicatie 159 en de CompeTank® serie van trainingscursussen. 

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Storage Tanks e-learning image

EEMUA 159 Storage Tanks e-learning

E-learning course

The Storage Tanks e-learning training course provides an introduction to EEMUA Publication 159 and the CompeTank® series of training courses. 

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EEMUA White Paper: Storage guidance image


ISBN: Not applicable

EEMUA White Paper: A new era in storage guidance (EEMUA 159 Ed. 5)

Version: Digital/PDF

In this free backgrounder, the chairman of the working group that has developed Edition 5 of EEMUA 159,
reviews the continued value of the guide worldwide and highlights some of the major changes
in the latest release.

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