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EEMUA events are a great way to gain knowledge and hear first-hand about lessons learned with industrial plant.

The annual programme of EEMUA seminars in the UK and continental Europe regularly attracts delegates from across the engineering community. With the underlying theme of safe and effective industrial asset management, the objective is to provide insights into current topics of interest. The seminars also provide the chance to network with others who face similar challenges in optimising plant safety, quality, cost and performance.

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Most speakers and their companies recognise the importance of being part of EEMUA events and embrace a philanthropic spirit in releasing staff for the day of the event. EEMUA events provide speakers the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as to network with constituents for technical networking.

Below are summaries of some of EEMUA’s recent events: 

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) Seminar 2019



Attendees heard from the UK Regulator, European and US operators, leading NDT houses, materials research specialists & academics and other who provided insight on the most recent work in the field. The seminar focussed on how to best manage the risk in maintaining the integrity of physical assets under hydrogen service at elevated temperatures.

Cyber Security Seminar 2019


Where business systems meet process control systems; the cybersecurity weak spot.

In order to get the most benefit from their process control systems, organisations are increasingly integrating them with their business control systems, including stock tracking software. This represents a potential means of ingress, and a tempting target, for hackers and cyber saboteurs.

This seminar asked “how did we reach this situation, how worrying is the issue, and what are the remedies?”

EEMUA Conference 2019



EEMUA’s biennial Conference allows members to address the practical engineering problems that arise during the operating life of industrial assets. It provides the platform for users to share insight into current issues for site operations, and develop more effective, industry-wide strategies to improve process safety, asset integrity and performance. The 2019 event was held at the Bolton Whites Hotel, in Bolton, Greater Manchester and focussed on the topical theme of "Leadership, Asset Integrity and Engagement: Addressing the gap in the middle".

The conference had an inspired mix of plenary sessions, panel discussions and interactive workshops and an impressive line-up of speakers including industry experts from HSE, Axiom and Essar Oil UK. 

See our forthcoming events below.

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EEMUA Conference 2023

08/03/2023 - 09/03/2023

Kenilworth, UK

The conference will explore how users, owners and operators can thrive under the pressures of transitioning to a net-zero economy, remain resilient through international crises, and maintain optimal performance while ensuring safety with rapidly advancing technologies and automation. 


EEMUA Cyber Security Seminar – Interconnected industry, interconnected risk


Live Online Seminar

It is almost a given that you can never do enough with cyber security – defences can never be secure against all threats (but don’t give up on it!). Our adversaries are now so highly motivated by money and a number of easy successes that there is a very high risk of being a victim in some way. Businesses therefore need to look to the management strategies that will enable them to stay in business – you could call it breach lifecycle management. What might your part be in that?


EEMUA Seminar - Engineering the Energy Transition



As the global shift to decarbonisation continues to demand transition in all process industries, there will be significant changes to current processes and infrastructure. This will require asset owners and operators to ensure their engineers have the right skills and competence, particularly during the transition phases. The current “fossil fuel” streamlined arrangement of current infrastructure will require repurposing, new technologies such as hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) will need to be smoothly integrated, while current renewable technologies such as wind generation that are now starting to age will also need attention. What are the key elements that engineers will need to continue working safely and competently? What are the current updates on new technologies and projects? Hear expert views at this seminar.


EEMUA Ageing Assets Seminar - Mechanical Integrity


Live Online Seminar

Ageing assets are a global concern which spreads across various industry sectors, causing significant demands on those responsible for their inspection and maintenance. This seminar will focus on the mechanical integrity aspect and address the most challenging issues encountered, as well as the mitigating solutions which have proven to ensure the continued safe and effective operation of ageing assets.


EEMUA Ageing Assets Seminar - Electrical Systems and Equipment


Live Online Seminar

Aging assets are a problem worldwide – as technology matures the urge to replace it diminishes and the focus shifts to ‘What are the likely problems?  What can we do to reduce their impact?  When will it reach end-of-life in spite of our efforts?’  In this seminar we set out to examine some of these issues for the electrical plant items used in industry.

Forthcoming event

EEMUA Conference 2023

Location: Kenilworth, UK

Dates: 08/03/2023-09/03/2023

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